Station Setup                                                              


Building Radio tower

2 x 3 meter construction mast is used, 9 meter was a bit to high..

@ 37cm an old concrete floor was found.

50 cm deep with concrete irons.

2 x 6 meter has to be pulled up!

300 Kg of concrete M18.

Mounting Antenna's

John and Mario fixing Sirtel 2008 for mounting.

First antenna ready!

Sorting Balun for Inverted V Multifan 40/20/10 Meters.

Koehoorn with Diamond V2000, 403MHz Groundplane and 403MHz J-Pole antenna.

Shortwave wires ready :)

John mounting last antenna's ADSB and 2M/70CM.

Cables need to go underground.

Final Setup

From top to bottom:

Sirtel 2008 10/11M antenna.
RadioFM Dipole RX 3M.
Diamond V2000 6/2/70CM.
Groundplane 403MHz.
J-Pole 403MHz PA3CPF design.
Shortwave wire 1:1 balum DC - 56MHz.
Groundplane 2M/70CM.
Groundplane 8 leg spider 1090MHz ADSB. 

QFH and Double-Cross 137MHz Weathersat antenna's.


RTL-SDR V3 137MHz Double Cross.
RTL-SDR V3 403MHz Ground Plane.
Airspy R2 Diamond V2000.
MSI.SDR Shortwave.
Terratec E4000 Oscar-100 Es-Hail 2.

Noolec NESDR Smartee 403MHz Yagi.
RTL-SDR RT820T2 FM Dipole.

Raspberry Pi 3B+:
RTL-SDR RT820T2 403MHz J-pole.
Radarbox ADSB Flight stick 1090 Spider.

Yaesu FT-817.
Yaesu FT-8900.
Baofeng UV-B5.
Zetagi HP1000-S.

Thanks fly out to John, Mario, Albert and Ben!