DFM-09 Modification to GPS-Mouse.

DFM-09 Details: https://www.gruan.org/instruments/radiosondes/sonde-models/graw-dfm-09/

Telit Jupiter JN3 Details: https://www.telit.com/m2m-iot-products/positioning-timing-modules/positioning-gps-jupiter-n3

Remove Batteries, White cable on the left, Sensors and 400MHz transmit antenna on the right from the power button.

And solder TTL-USB converter on 4 pins right from JN3 GPS module:

1: GND –

2: RX

3: TX

4: +3.3V

Build together ->

Place on a site with some good view.

Connect with USB cable to computer.

Select COM Port (most probaly Prolific driver is needed on Windows) start GPS application and choose 19200 baud.

DFM-09 works in NMEA 19200 Baud mode.

Sync time for Satelitte’s with NMEA Time, drive arround town or smth ;)


USB-TTL Converter can be found on Ali/Ebay.

Thanks fly out to Andreas6 and PE2BZ.

Happysat 2018